tl;dr: here for the vibes

Where I am

Enjoying where I’m at - failing often but trying, nevertheless. Recently finished with a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering at Texas A&M University, now working in the semiconductor industry as a process engineer at Texas Instruments.

Where I’ve been

Grad school, as stated above, for seemingly an eternity. My dissertation title was “Nanostrucutured Photonic Chips for High Throughput Biomolecule Detection,” with broad research interests in integrated photonics and CMOS-compatible fabrication technologies for sensing and communications applications. Before that, I was completing my undergraduate degree: a B.S., also in materials science and engineering, at the University of Florida. Along the way I’ve worked in academia, start-ups, corporations, government, small companies, and even humbly in the hospitatily and service industry.

Where I want to be

Finding a rythym and cultivating more experiences I enjoy, with an emphasis on the simple and routine things. Mentoring and volunteering more - my most enjoyable experiences through graduate school involved working with undergraduate students or K-12 outreach. Finding out what my interests and hobbies are and how they’ve changed since I last had time to think about it. Preparing for a future season of life as a wife and mother, and how that fits with everything I’ve done so far.

It should go without saying but, nothing here should be contstrued to represent an offical view of any institution, company, or other organization with which I may be affliated.

if you need me…